My experience with Writing 100

Published April 15, 2012 by phoenixswritings

This semester at University of Michigan, I’m taking Writing 100 along with Linear Algebra, Spanish and Computer Programming. It has been tough and challenging at times but overall, I’m really glad that I chose to take this course. It really helped me as a college writer. I had always been struggling with writing papers, especially analytical papers and argumentative papers in high school. I think my problem was that I did not know an efficient method for writing and was always stuck at arranging ideas, developing and elaborating on them as I went. As a result, I told myself to admit that I couldn’t write papers and reluctantly procrastinated until the last minute when I struggled to force myself to put whatever I had in mind into paragraphs. Without any editing or peer reviewing, I turned in my paper. That was in high school. However, after taking Writing 100, I feel less stressful about writing papers. I was introduced to many strategies and methods that I did not know. They were really helpful and made everything easier as I wrote my papers. In addition, it’s a good idea to always start writing papers as early as possible. Even just a paragraph of thoughts or ideas each day will help in the long run. In this course, we always jotted down thoughts or ideas to help us think. And I found it really helpful because I could always look back and see what I had; in other words I did not have to stare at four articles feeling overwhelmed. Then I would sort out what I wanted amongst all the ideas I had written down and elaborate on the ones that I needed for my thesis. This way I felt I had more time to work on my paper and develop my thesis without feeling stressed at the last minute.


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