About Essay 4

Published April 15, 2012 by phoenixswritings

Writing an argument essay was the most challenging assignment in this course. In a way, it’s similar to writing the analysis essay but you also need to express your own voice and argue against someone who has the opposite opinion. It’s like the combination of personal response and analysis paper. The first thing is picking an argument. It wasn’t too hard to do based on the prompt you were given. You just needed to pick a stand, yes or no. However, the most onerous and time-consuming thing is to find evidence that supports your argument. It took me a few days to do so. I read the four articles many times and highlighted everything I thought that would be helpful to enhance my argument. However, the problem was I highlighted too much that I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I wanted to talk about in a five-page paper. My professor really helped me narrowing down my highlights and navigated me through the process. I’m glad I was able to finish the paper in the end. 


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